Monday, May 23, 2016

Theme Thoughts: Love and lust in the midst of disaster

Have you ever read or watched a story in which characters are falling in love and succumbing to lust during situations that call for their attention to be elsewhere?

It can seem unlikely from a practical angle, but I think the reason we so often relate to love during a disaster is the comfort it offers. The characters (and readers) get a break from the gravity of loss, death, and destruction swirling around them.

To me, NA or new adult characters can be particularly vulnerable to attraction and desire, not because they're in their first relationships, but because they've had a few experiences that allow them to identify the real thing when it hits.

In sci-fi and paranormal action stories, the incorporation of love (the full PNR package) can be challenging because the plot needs to slow down in places long enough for two people to connect, all while keeping the reader engaged within the larger story arc.

In many cases (as happens to Irina and Jonah) the seeds of love are planted before the plot goes sideways taking a sharp turn into catastrophe. How does it go down in The Variant Conspiracy? You'll have to read the books to find out.

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