Monday, August 29, 2016

Terra Nova release rescheduled to September 28th

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So that post title sucked a bit. I learned over the weekend that release of Terra Nova has been delayed (only slightly) moving from September 14th to 28th. Two weeks is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things *she repeats like a mantra* and I know this is not going to stop interested readers from picking it up. That being said, I feel obligated to inform the internet.

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I could launch into a list of reasons this has happened. But I don't think it's an interesting story. What I do find interesting is the brilliant array of graphics from this spring and summer's release frenzy and promo excitement. So while we're waiting just a little bit longer for Terra Nova, let's recap some of the awesome stuff that's happened so far with The Variant Conspiracy books.
  1. Here is my favourite graphic tweet. This amazing illustration comes courtesy of iStock. I sprang for a few premium pics earlier this year, but this one is easily the most stunning. I felt that it artfully encapsulated the The Compendium's mission to transform Earth into something alien. 

  2. In Irina's Cards has taken some time in gathering feedback from the world of readers, but responses have generally been very positive. I hadn't realized what a complex story I had developed. I hadn't anticipated how readers might associate the plot and story elements with other work I hadn't considered as direct influences. But it does all make sense.
    "I would recommend this book to fans of series like Divergent, or just of scifi
    romance in general, and I look forward to reading the sequel." - I Heart Reading
    "This book is kind of like Fantastic Four meets Divergent ... I can’t wait
    until the next one comes out." - Addicted to Reviews
    "I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series to see
    what happens next!" - Rebecca Austin

    "This is a complex, intriguing story." - Liza O'Connor

    "This is a highly complex, intriguing and decidedly different story,
    one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading." - Splashes into Books
    "I love the whole tarot card thing. I really do. Irina's dreams, the characters, the discoveries all come together to make a good new adult, sci-fi romance." - Sara W.
    "I was sucked into the story and stayed up way too late reading it because
    I had to know what happened next." - Long and Short Reviews
    "I love this series ... I am eagerly awaiting the
    3rd installment." - Bookjunkie's Book Blog
  3. Book blog tours have been rolling forward like a machine. I've toured with Magic of Books, Xpresso, Enchanted, and Goddess Fish. I highly recommend that other authors work with these seasoned book promo professionals.

  4. Social media has been a blast too. I've been crazy active on Twitter (compared to my normal sound of crickets) and back into Pinterest, Tumblr, and Goodreads. If you've noticed the Books Go Social Badge on the right, you won't be surprised to hear I'm working with them too.

    #NewAdult #NA #sci-fi #paranormal #PNR #TheVariantConspiracy

    Overall, it has been a wonderful summer. I've loved being back in the book world after a hiatus since 2010. (My Etsy shops Sleepless Storyteller and Beyond Junk don't enjoy my neglect, but you have to pick your battles when real life has its own demands.)

    Thank you to any and all new readers I've picked up in the last few months. I hope you'll stay with me for Terra Nova - and for what's coming next year. (Hint, hint, I have a new MG book coming next year.)

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