Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Best Laid Plans

Best Laid PlansJames Lorimer & Company - Sept 2009
Ages 14 & up

Robyn's family has always struggled to make enough money to survive. 

Robyn's grandmother leaves them an apple orchard in B.C., Robyn thinks things will be different, but Robyn's father still can't pay the bills. He asks Robyn for her own hard-earned money, and encourages her to drop out of school to work in the orchard. 

Robyn desperately wants to go to university, but to make a better life for herself, she'll have to leave her family behind.

"... Should Robyn give up her dreams to support her family? Will she make the best decision for herself? Best Laid Plans is an enjoyable novel about reaching for the sky and confronting obstacles head-on. I would recommend this book for any teen."
- Teens Read Too, June 2010

... The portrayal of Robyn's family life is realistic and dynamic. Hart's representation of poverty as it intersects with alcoholism is perfectly pitched ... accurately captures the pervasive boredom encountered by teens stranded in small towns."
- CM Magazine, December 2009

"Every so often I come across a novel that touches a cord and leaves me yearning for more ... Best Laid Plans crosses generation boundaries and is so well written and such a moving story that I could no sooner set it aside than say goodbye to the characters. Robyn Earle is that young girl inside all of us. She's that girl who is afraid to make the wrong decision, but who so desperately wants to grow up and escape...
Best Laid Plans is the story of a young woman on the cusp of self-discovery. Will she reach for her dream and leave her family behind? Or will she save the orchard her father is bent on destroying?
I recommend this book for those young people in your life.
- Joylene Nowell Butler, December 2009


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