Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Best Laid PlansJames Lorimer & Company - Sept 2010
Ages 14 & up

It's the summer before her final year of high school, and Amy and her best friend Elise are stoked about their summer job.

Two months, no parents, a dreamy twenty-something boss, and a remote Vancouver Island resort. It sounds like the perfect opportunity for shy, artistic Amy to reinvent herself.

But when her dream boss turns creepy, Amy has to decide how far she's willing to go to get the recommendations she needs for her future.

"This title in the Sidestreets series from Lorimer is a definite must-read for girls ... For young women, this simple story with a simple plot is about a very real danger ... This is highly recommended for those twelve and up, especially those looking for a summer job."
-, June 2011

 "Christine Hart’s novel is an incredibly relevant young adult account ... The characters in Hart’s novel are well constructed and believable ... At times disturbing, and at other times light and enjoyable, Stalked is a novel well worth reading ...
Hart covers a number of uncomfortable themes within the narrative, but balances very carefully so as to avoid falling into extremes for shock value."

- Keen Readers, April 2011


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