Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Terra Nova

Soul Mate Publishing - September 2016 - Ages 18 & up

"A must read for Dystopian lovers."

The end of humanity and an unrecognizable Earth are now days away. Their failed attempt to publicize Innoviro Industries’ horrific activities has left them desperate. After destroying a secret viral testing facility, Irina’s crew has traveled by a variant portal to London. On the other side of the world, they begin tracking when and where Terra Nova will be unleashed on the world.

They know stopping Terra Nova is only the beginning of unraveling Ivan’s plans to reinvent the planet, but if they can’t stop this virus, there will be no one left to save.



"I love books like this where the hero is an unlikely person and through the course of the series they develop into a person. From book to book Irina and her group grow as individuals and as a group. You see how they handle things, how they develop feelings and bonds to one another, then finally how they handle the final leg of their journey against Ivan. In the end I was very pleased with how Christine Hart wrote the characters, this world, and how she ended it. I would recommend this entire series to any reader who enjoys suspenseful sci-fi."
- Uncaged Book Reviews, February 2017

"The third NA book in 'The Variant Conspiracy' series, 'Terra Nova' is full of action and dystopian adventure as Irina, her twin Ilya, and their friends jet around the planet trying to stop Innoviro and alien creatures. With a quick pace and plenty of tension, 'Terra Nova' will keep the reader hooked ...
... Readers who enjoy X-men-type tales will further get a kick out of the interesting powers and abilities ... with plenty of young adult and family drama, light romance, and tons of action, 'Terra Nova' is a must read for Dystopian lovers."

- InD'tale Magazine, December 2016

"Oh boy, this series just keeps on getting better! I’ve found every book in it a real page turner, one where I was desperate to start the next book as soon as I’d finished one of them and this is the brilliant third book in this series, a totally engaging read.
... The author is a skilled wordsmith, bringing seemingly disparate threads together revealing the images created to the reader like pieces of a jigsaw being put together piece by piece until everything comes to a conclusion with the final dramatic piece being put into place.
... This is a series I have no hesitation in highly recommending to anyone who enjoys reading a tale of every day folk who discover they aren’t ordinary and need to fight for themselves and mankind to survive against what initially appears to be insurmountable danger and adversity."

- Splashes Into Books, September 2016


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