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Latest YA: ⚡The Electric Girl

Polly Michaels is trying to forget that her mom has cancer. Until a freak electrical storm and a unicorn appear in the orchard next to her house.

Sy'kai wakes on an orchard floor to the smell of rotting cherries and wet earth. She doesn't know where she is-or what she is-but she knows something is hunting her.

Polly recruits her friends to find the mysterious creature she saw from her window while Sy'kai, a confused shape-shifting endling from another dimension tries to piece her mind back together.

A gritty struggle ranges throughout the girls' rural hometown and in the wild terrain around it. All while two questions hang over their heads. Can an alien deliver a miracle for a human mother? Can a group of teens defeat an interdimensional demon? 
Cover art by Consuelo Parra Digital Art.    

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